In the event you have had an Internet hosting account before, you may have come across a situation where you spend your money on some unlimited attribute only to find later that it's actually restricted and you have a preset quota. This could happen with the disk space, the monthly bandwidth, the database storage along with other features which many web hosting providers present in a way that's different from what you'll really receive. This is the so-called overselling, which companies use to attract customers even though they are aware that they cannot provide their users with the benefits they advertise usually due to the nature of their hosting platform or in the case of the resellers - because they have some limits from the actual web hosting provider.

No Overselling in Shared Web Hosting

Overselling isn't a thing we do and we have no reason to do such a thing since our outstanding cloud platform allows us to provide the characteristics that we offer as a part of our shared web hosting plans. Every part of the service for instance the file and database storage, e-mail addresses, etc, is managed by its individual cluster of servers, which gives us more flexibility and scalability in comparison to all web hosting service providers which work with Control Panels intended to work on just a single machine. We employ the tailor-made Hepsia tool, which was designed to work in the cloud and since we can easily add additional hard disk drives or servers to each cluster that needs them at any time, we simply have no reason to oversell. If you register for one of our packages, you will really benefit from all resources which you've paid for.

No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated hosting packages come with lots of unlimited features, but in contrast to many other providers, we don't oversell and we can really afford to offer unrestricted disk space or databases. What lies behind our assurance is a state-of-the-art cloud platform which includes a number of clusters, each one managing a certain service - website files, emails, statistics, databases, etc. Since we're able to attach as many hard drives or servers to any of the clusters as required, we can virtually never run out of system resources, so if you pay for anything unrestricted, you will truly receive it. Our Hepsia hosting Control Panel was designed specifically for this custom cloud setup, so when you use a semi-dedicated hosting package from our firm, you can get the most out of your sites.